Thursday, 27 May 2010

Be kind tae ma mistakes

"Bloggin eh? Whit's thon then?"

That's a question ah've been askin masel a lot lately. Is it a diary? Is it tellin stories? Is it like a megaphone oan the Internet? Is it jist a sign o' an inflated ego?

Well dinnae expect me tae gie ye an answer. No yet onyway. See, ah'm no verry sure masel. Whit it feels like is hard work. Hard work if ye're postin regularly that is, an' a bit pointless if ye're no. This big messy Internet seems tae be littered wi' half-startit blogs, fu o' great intentions but tailin aff intae occasional mutterins an' apologies. That may be ma fate an' aw, wha kens? Ah've got stories tae tell, but wha disnae? an' ah want tae tell them, through a megaphone so folk'll hear them, but tae be honest ah've no got a big ego. Ah'm sairly aware that ah'm jist a biddy bidin up a stair in Leith, jist up fae the Fit o' th' Walk (hence the 'shootin fae the shin' joke, an' aye, ah'm sorry) an' ah've nae great insights intae the workins o' this world. Jist ma ain opinions.

So, ah got up this mornin an' ah says tae masel "Sophia, ye're jist gaunnae hae tae gie it a go." "Whit hae ye got tae lose," ah says "except yer dignity, an' ye've no got much o' that onyways." Ah should stop talkin tae masel ah ken, ah only get cheek.

Whit can ye expect fae me then, that ah think's sae great tae publish oan the Internet? Well firstly, as ye've probably sussed awready, ah'm bloggin in ma ain Scots tongue, the yin ma mither gie'd me. Ah love ma leid an' ah'll use it as ah see fit. Ah'll try tae be consistent wi the words an' the spellin, but seein as it's aw comin fae ma heid an' no fae a book it'll likely vary wi the weather. Sae bite me if ye dinnae like it.

Ah'll likely be talkin aboot whit's 'current' in the world, especially ma wee corner o' it, whit's gaun oan in Leith, in Embra, in Scotland, in the 'United' Kingdom o' 'Great' Britain. Ah'll tell ye ma story, an' how it fits intae Scotland's great an' untold story, but if ye're lookin fer facts then ye may be disappointit. Awa ye gang tae Wikipedia if that's whit ye're efter.

This is Sophia Pangloss's blog, like it or lump it.


  1. Not a bad start. Don't give up, if you don't get too many comments to start with, keep with it. You have to build them up. Go onto other blogs and comment on them and they will gradually come to you if you have anything interesting to say. Don't let your posts get too long, people get switched off easily and try and post at least once a day. It takes a lot of commitment. You'll be doing it for at least 3-4 hours daily if it takes off, so expect that! I'll be keeping my eye on you. ;-)

  2. Aw thanks! An' thanks fer aw the pressure Mr Lochnagar. Ah'm laughin' at the 3-4 hoors a day. Noo ah'm greetin', whit huv ah done? Ah've still got tae get ma messages in, an' put breed oan the table. Well ah've done it noo.

  3. Yep...about time.... but like you, I didn't know whether to or not, and Spook twisted my arm, and in the end I joined up with Munguin and Fanny's your Uncle and Bob's your Aunt, or whatever!.

    I'm really happy to be here....even if it is VERY pink ;-)

    I know there will be lots of followers and I'll certainly be one.

    I look forward to your stories... Just don't forget to come back to Munguin's Republic from time to time, and lighten our lives too!

    All the best Sophia...



  4. Thanks tris, ye know it's only because you keep gaun oan aboot it, so thanks fer that. An' really, thanks fer lettin' me use yer ain pages as ma swingpark this past. It's been a right laugh. Ah'm hopin' tae keep laughin' cos ye've got tae make the effort. An' ah'm sorry, ah never even noticed the paper oan the wa's when ah moved in, ah wis jist excited aboot gettin' the room. It is a bit pink, innit. Ah'll paint ower it, jist let me get a coat aff.